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Republique de Guinee
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Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members - Names dictionary - Titles dictionary - History - Date:
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Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members
20 September 2011



Prime Minister

Mohamed Said FOFANA

Minister of Agriculture


Minister of Audit, Economic, & Financial Controls

Aboubacar Sidiki KOULIBALY

Minister of Charge of Guineans Abroad

Rougui BARRY

Minister of Commerce

Mohamed Dorval DOUMBOUYA

Minister of Culture & Heritage

Ahmed Tidiane CISSE

Minister of Defense


Minister of Economy & Finance

Kerfalla YANSANE

Minister of Employment, Technical Education, & Vocational Training

Damantan Albert CAMARA

Minister of Fisheries & Aquaculture

Moussa CONDE

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Edouard Gnakoye LAMA, Doctor

Minister of Health & Public Hygiene

Naman KEITA, Doctor

Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research

Morike Damaro CAMARA

Minister of Hotel Management, Tourism, & the Arts

Mariame BALDE

Minister of Industry & Small & Medium Enterprises

Ramatoulaye BAH

Minister of Information

Dirus Diale DORE

Minister of International Cooperation

Koutoubou Moustapha SANO

Minister of Justice

Me Christian SOW

Minister of Labor & Public Service

Fatoumata TOUNKARA

Minister of Literacy & the Promotion of National Languages


Minister of Livestock

Mamadou Korka DIALLO, General

Minister of Mines & Geology

Mohamed Lamine FOFANA

Minister of Planning

Souleymane CISSE

Minister of Pre-University Education


Minister of Public Works

Ousmane BAH

Minister of Security

Mamadouba Toto CAMARA, General

Minister of Social Affairs & Female Promotion

Nantenin CHERIF

Minister of Sports

Aboubacar Sidiki CAMARA

Minister of Telecommunications & New Information Technology


Minister of Territorial Administrative & Political Affairs

Alhassane CONDE

Minister of Urbanism, Habitat, & Construction

Mathurin BAGOURA, General

Minister of Youth & Youth Employment

Sanoussy Gbatama SOW

Minister of State in Charge of Energy & Environment


Minister of State in Charge of Public Works & Transport

Ousmane BAH

Governor, Central Bank

Louceny NABE

Ambassador to the US


Permanent Representative to the UN, New York

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